by the end of this quarantine most of us are going to look like coding hippies

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    Nah. I shave, exercise, and shower as always. I'm doing haircut and beard trimming myself anyway.
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    I hope i still have a brain after quarantine....

    Watching news once a week gives me serious migraine from all the stupidity.

    Otherwise.... Shaved my head bold few weeks ago, clean and easy.
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    Well hey there, Raj... I mean, @C0D4 :D

    (You're probably sleeping, though, so "good morning" whenever you're going to see this)
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    Oh, right, my avatar is outdated!

    There we go! It's bugging me that dR only has free-style haircuts.. Nothing more tidy 😁
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    @Jilano morning, Covy is stretching still. He's... i think it's a he... still doesn't like getting up so early in the morning and being drowned in the shower 😅
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    Ah, my beard is ready, yess
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    @C0D4 Morning to you too!

    According to the French Academy, we're supposed to say "la Covid-19" (feminine), because "covid" stands for "corona virus disease" and "disease" (maladie in French) is feminine.
    So yeah, it's a "she". (Which sounds awful, by the way)

    PS: And of course, Québec has been saying it right since the beginning almost! *Angry noises*
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    @Jilano there's a women on my head 🤔 could be worse I guess.
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