My ISP just called, because I didn't extend my 2 year contract. The reason is that paying 13 euros for 50/30 (Mb) internet when I can get 600/60 from another ISP for 20 euros or 300/30 for 15 euros sucks. Additionally, my current ISP only offers 100/30 at maximum according to their website...
Guess what?
They just offered me 1Gb/100Mb over the phone for a FUCKING 20 EUROS. What???

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    This is not uncommon. These guys try to screw as much as possible. But the moment you try to leave them, they will give you the plans you never thought existed
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    Wow much envy.
    I live in Berlin. Current plan is 26.5/1.1Mbit for 30-35€/mo. Thinking about switching to a different provider advertising 50/10 for the same price, but the minimum upload speed on that contract is a measly 0.7 or so. I did see my current ISP has a 50/50 plan for new customers (=not a customer for the past 3 months) so ISP-hopping might be a strategy.
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    Careful though, the minimum guaranteed speeds might me much lower. Compare those and pick the best: no point in having "gigabit" if the actual speed is 0.1 Mbps
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    @endor I am not really worried about that. Firstly, they don't have any minimum guaranteed speed stated anywhere and I have never experienced any slow downs in the past 4 years (or at least not below 48Mb). Usually my speeds are around 55Mb, so it's more than I pay for.
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    I live in south africa cape Town, to 1gig line is about 80 euros 😭
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    Be careful the phone guys can lie about things during a unrecorded part and then have you say yes during a recorded part.
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    @matt-jd I don't think a verbal yes over the phone is legal proof. It's even easier to edit than photos and most juries aren't very keen on accepting those for proof either.
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    sounds like my country, stalked you and it is in fact my country :D
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    What isp was that??
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    @Lor-inc in my country it is considered legally valid - although they are legally obligated to record the entire call and tell you about it.
    Doesn't stop them from trying to trick you into crap you don't want/need.
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    @Lor-inc like another guy mentioned it is if a certain part is recorded where they state its being recorded etc. but they can still pull some tricks on you despite this
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    I would calmly tell them to go fuck themselves.
    Swan je mafia, fakt by som od nich utekal najrýchlejšie ako sa dá, tak isto pozor na Orange a "O2"...
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    @bytecode Asi si nevyberieš...s Telekomom mám tiež zlé skúsenosti ale náhodou som so Swanom ešte problém nemal.
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