XCode is crap. Even worse than eclipse.

Convince me otherwise.

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    no need to do the convinceing, 1/16 of all rants are about xcode.
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    I thought nothing can be worse than eclipse by definition
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    Wait, you've opened xcode? What sorcery is this?

    I thought xcode was like the developer's equivalent of rick rolling where a package says "oh you need xcode blah blah blah" or "when installing, type xcode-select" but all xcode ever really does is open a never-ending loading screen.

    You mean to tell me xcode is REAL?
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    I've never heard of anyone actually using xcode...
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    Wait until you meet gradle sync in android studio
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    I feel better knowing it's not just me! Especially those 8.1 gb fuckin updates
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    @he-man that's a good time lol
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    its a 50/50 with xcode in which you either get something that semi works, or utter crap. Either way shit is finicky at best.
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