So, I finally got a bicycle today. Time to start working on my health...

Am I the only one who's daily regime was:
1 - Go to work, sit around for 8 to 9 hours
2 - Come home, sit around for 8 to 9 hours
3 - Sleep for 8 hours
Goto 1?

I was surprised how the bikes these days are so incredibly light. I could lift it and keep it up no problem!

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    I've been stuck in that loop
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    All except 2. I prefer lying on bad for everything.
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    strava or it didn't happen xD
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    it's interesting that your day lasts for 26 hours + your work-home travel time by bike x2 :)
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    Git it! I've logged 400 miles during corona 👍 definitely a great idea.
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    "You do know bikes are not for weight lifting, right?"
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    Get yourself a sick fixie. Gotta go fast
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    Did ingria fix their weld quality issues?
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    @SortOfTested first you appear here and take this place over like a storm, second you know about ingria, indie fixed gear manufacturer from russia. Who the hell ARE you? :D

    Just kidding. Ingria is great, welding issues happened to Mayak, another russian fixie manufacturers. Had their bike tho, it was amazing
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    This isn't the only online community I frequent ;)

    User from Sweden on a bike forum was into them back in 2014 (ish, long time ago), so I just recalled that being an issue. I appreciated the geometry 🥳
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    I feel the need to post that video, so here goes:

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