I actually just wanted to say - what a great time it is to be a developer.

C# has stolen so many good features now that it's pretty awesome.
JavaScript and typescript are really fun to work with.
I really love angular.
Docker is great!

I can setup pipelines and deploy an angular app for free and really easily with github-pages.

I can use linux inside windows.

I can use cloud providers to do all sorts for really cheap.

I can plug my cable-free oculus quest VR headset into my laptop and build a game pretty easily with unity (thanks to all the great oculus helper prefabs).

I can use tesseract and data science technology inside my browser!!

And I can go to medium and udemy and learn all sorts of things.


Just saying.
I'm actually really loving being a developer right now.

And if I do have off day, I can rant on here!

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    Everything is going so well...

    Makes you wonder what for awful thing the world is preparing for us
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    Wow, this positivity....here on dR?
    I gotta be tripping.
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    If you look at embedded and electronics it is amazing as well. 600MHz micros, Rasp Pi, 9 axis gyros, etc.
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    @Demolishun I forgot to mention pi and arduino and the lego stuff!
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    Life is pretty good but it will be more sweeter in the future.
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    ++ everything you said.
    @Ranchu There should be an alternative to devRant for positivity. Always hating everything is exhausting.
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    @Marl3x maybe a wholesome-category as opposed to splitting this community up
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    Do you think using "tag" feature is enough? I doubt we will get much post with the positivity.
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    @mr-user after all this is a venting place and i guess we're all fine with that. but a wholesome post once in a while, a positive achievement etc might spark joy for others as well. since the rant/story category sets the rant-tag only, it is a bit prestressed.
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    @Marl3x "random" would work
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    Only upvoting bc of the c# part, dont you ever post positive shit again on my feed
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    Plugging in a cable free VR head in your Laptop?

    I mean, I know what you mean (I have a quest myself) ... but doesn't "plugging" imply at least one cable? ;)
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    @sbiewald haha, very true... Guess we're not quite there yet.
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    I agree, and on top of that, I have a big, fat cock! Everything is really going my way
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    @lemonthinking The quest runs Android... Are you developing games for OpenVR / Oculus Rift or the Android on the quest?
    If you are developing for Android, you can actually connect wirelessly!
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    @sbiewald I only just started learning unity recently and just started a tutorial on oculus quest development in unity in the last few days so I am a complete noob still.

    I'm building for android, having the quest connected via USB and building to the quest from unity, so I have to wait for the build whenever I want to change anything but at that point I guess I can unplug.

    Do you have more info on working on it totally wireless?
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    @lemonthinking Search for "Wireless ADB"
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    @sbiewald just had a look - that's awesome! Thanks!
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    This guy is a threat to devRant.
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    @lemonthinking There is a hidden sadness in that status all you need is some memeberberies

    Member the times when you can learn one thing excel at it and you are good. Don’t have to learn 50 different technologies

    Member the time when you didn’t have to waste hours setting up the toolchain and environment before you can actually code

    Member the times when there are only few developers and things aren’t so easy that every person who can type on computer can be a developer

    I member!!
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    And yet the world is filled with moronic collugues and managers.
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    A client can always ruin your dev experience.
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    Replace Angular with React and C# with Kotlin and I agree 😄 weird to be so happy considering current events tho
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    I’m happy for you, may they never tell you that you need to support IE11.
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