Here's a weekly topic suggestion: professionally, whose respect do you want to have?

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    @Ranchu that's ok for now. But who do you want to have respect for you in future? Or who would you dream of respecting you?
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    My boss or his boss. It pays better.
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    @NoMad good question.
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    People that knows their shit, they dont have to have built something big, but just people that i find great programmers, like some of my seniors and one of my class mates that i find extremely smart.
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    My friends, family and colleagues I guess. People that I know and who know me.
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    My manager who can give me a raise or promotion. The project manager and client so they can trust my work and micromanage less.
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    I'll go with everybody. If the question has no constraints, I'll answer without constraints.
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    @adante everyone tho? I personally prefer to not have respect of certain individuals due to their faulty moral compass tho.
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    My boss & CTO.. oh, and don't forget the other boss.. and maybe certain coworkers..
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    @NoMad I would be okay with having people that I didn't respect (whatever the reason - whether they have a faulty moral compass or incompetent) having respect for me. It does not have to be a mutually respectful relationship.

    Practically speaking I think that overall it would be strategically advantageous.

    Of course there are specific circumstances where it would not (for example as an underdog it might be better to have an opponent underestimate you) but such scenarios seem to be more the exception than the rule.
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