While I was in university, I used to be a good programmer (which I still am :D ), my friends used to copy my code for the assignments. One day, the teacher (one of my my mentors) called me in his office and said, "this is your code".
I'm like, in my mind, "How did he know this?"
The teacher said, "If you let others copy your code one more time, I will fail you".
I nodded my head in affirmation.
Later I understood that I've been a "Clean code" principle follower even before I knew this term. So, it was pretty easy to differentiate my codes from my friends. The teacher is really a genius ^_^

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    Doesn't take a genius to spot a copycat, especially when you consider how shitty the average uni student is at writing clean code.

    Hell, most people I've seen barely even write readable code, let alone leave some spaces between variable names and syntax symbols.
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    Somebody made it in a college becaaaauuuse: he wrote 50 lines of code that is easy to understand.
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    @endor I'm not calling him GENIUS because he spotted the copy cat, there are other factors actually. Not just me, even my university seniors (who are amazing at programming) think that the teacher is a genius. Whatever I am today at programming, about 60-70% credits goes to him.
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    @Xoka ah, I read it as a direct implication of your story. Nevermind then :)
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    @endor no problem man! I just wanted to explain that the teacher is really an amazing person
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