Do you have any good idea for a 2 weeks programming project for school, in a group of 5.
It should be large enough to get a 1 (or A in other countries) but small enough to do it alone, since I'm at risk of having to do it alone and drag 4 dead weights behind me.
Language doesn't matter.

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    You can create an amazon clone, where you can order specific items and add them to a cart, which you can checkout.

    Easily expandable if you would get more help from your colleagues than expected.
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    Flight booking aggregator plus real time status tracker
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    Maybe I should have mentioned it,
    But I'm a trade-school student, not a college student.
    So expected project complexity is somewhat lower.
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    .bmp to .ico converter and vice versa ;)

    easy but interesting enough
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    rubics cube visualization and automatic solving
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    ...since when is a basic e-shop functionality called "an amazon clone"?

    that's like calling any program that uses mouse cursor "a Windows clone"
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