Disclaimer: I can't 'officially' verify this.

I've been using Firefox as main browser with about 5 addons for added privacy for ages now. When googles (fucking) reCaptcha takes more than a few minutes on Firefox (about 90 percent of the time, I'm estimating), I switch to Chromium (with the same amount of (similar) privacy addons) so I can go on with my stuff.

Now, I recently thought 'why not try to do user agent spoofing on Firefox to see if reCaptcha would start working 'normally'?

So, I installed a user agent spoofing addon on Firefox/Chromium, results:

Without spoofing:

Firefox reCaptcha success rate: 10 percent approx. (mostly 2+ minutes)
Chromium: 90 percent. (mostly instant)

With spoofing:
Firefox: 90 percent approx.
Chromium: 10-20 percent approx.

Again, I can't prove any of this yet but mother of fucking god, whenever using Chromium or spoofing Chromium on Firefox the succession rate skyrockets.

Google, what the fuck are you up to?

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    Being evil, naturally.
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    I've noticed reCaptchas have been taking a frustrating number of re-solves on Firefox recently. It's just Google doing Google things, I guess.
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    Careful with making Firefox do Chromeface...
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    I think it's obvious, yet hidden.

    Chrome generated a steady income thx to user tracking and showing ads.

    That should be known.

    Chrome has one of the most used render engines and Google practically shapes the way they think the Internet should be via the renderer aka Blink.

    A lot of stuff in the past shows this very clearly imho. It's one of the reason I won't use any Blink based browser if possible (which is impossible nowadays, think of eq qt-webengine or other integrations).

    I was sad that IE jumped in on the Blink wagon... IE really got better.

    And yes, Blink is an OS project, but it should be obvious who's pulling the strings.

    It's a sad thing to be honest. I dislike quite a lot of stuff nowadays, not because I dislike the quality or what it does, but more because I'm concerned about whom I support.

    A lot of technical gadgets like Alexa / Chrome* / ... are definitely nice. But it's also feeding an industry that doesn't give a f*ck about human rights at all. And that is bothering me.

    I'm not saying that Mozilla is an innocent angelic darling, they are living on AdRevenue too. But it's very less creepy because they're not as omnipotent as Alphabet || Google / Amazon / Apple..
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    @pythonInRelay You got threats for that? Wtf?
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    Even Chromium is tracking you, regardless of installed add-ons (Google has made quite some news for blocking add-ons from the Chrome store that they were not comfortable with, e.g. actual good ad/tracking blockers).

    If you want an proper Chromium, look up 'ungoogled-chrome', it's a Chromium with a massive patchset to remove anything Google related.
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    They also throttle youtube on firefox, nothing new.
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    @pythonInRelay the end is striking deep. It's absurd.
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    There are userscripts that improve Google's ReCaptcha experience on anonymised connections - e.g. this one removes the artificial delays and picture transitions, etc., but there's more: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/...
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