Don't put the Delete and Deploy button next to eachother. Like fr. Bro.

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    *server go poof*
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    @ewpratten I haven't slept in over 30 hours and so far I have accidentally made the server go poof 4 times.
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    GUI problems
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    So its like a "self destruct" button, finally are companies listening to my great idea.
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    @n3xus sounds about right
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    In Jenkins, delete project button is just below build now button.

    If you are trying to fix a bug where you are building again and again manually clicking build now button, be careful if get any pop up. Don't click ok without reading and poof, whole Jenkins project will be reduced to atoms.
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    Our ticketing system has forms with tens of mandatory fields and the submit and clear buttons are side by side.

    Worst decision ever.
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