Probably the weirdest single command I have ever entered so far:
apt-get install postgresql-12 postgresql-11 postgresql-10 postgresql-9.6

In other words - testing an internal tool across all of our supported postgres versions, but... Just found it funny in a way... Dunno, maybe my humor is just weird.

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    Let me tell you about docker
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    Do you know of our Lord and saviour Docker?
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    The time to execute that command...

    And the time to create identical docker machines with same configuration, permanent storage and so on....

    Command wins.

    Sorry, but docker initialisation is very time consuming.
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    @HitWRight & @nitwhiz :

    Yes, I know of Docker.

    But, with no already existing CI/CD pipeline, it would take me much longer to develop than just installing everything at once. +This way, I also discovered that the package I was developing fails when there are more than 1 PostgreSQL cluster versions installed... So yeah
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    @Aldar wat. Why would you install multiple versions at once?
    And what does CI and docker have to do with each other?

    One docker-compose, a service for each version, image pinned to that version, command being "mytest", up. 5 different versions running in parallel without fucking with each other.
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