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Again the idea is bird/flock of birds.

Thanks to all the people who gave their opinion last time around.

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    I think 5 has a nice touch with those two "small birds".
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    @kescherRant I'm quite partial to 5 as well.
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    5, but I'd shrink the big bird a bit off the edges or show the tips of the wings on the outside.
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    Yes, go with 5. I belive everyone else would agree to the same.
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    @C0D4 Yeah, show the tips.
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    #4 reminds me of batman logo
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    I think those birds are a bit too small in 5, the rest are too unsymmetrical. I like 4 the best tbh. It's simple and easily recognizable.
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    It reminds me of boobs (when laying on back).
    I think it's a smart move to use "birds" as a cover if you want to have boobs as your company/product logo.
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    @netikras I was thinking ass for no. 4 but your idea is better.
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    Ahahaha. No.5 looks like he's farting out birds. Choose 5! Choose 5!
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    @Marl3x True, but as my sister pointed out: Mazda...

    Also, fixing the symmetry is hard, but it definitely looks bad...
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    @netikras Should I be offended :D?
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    @rutee07 I'm gonna have to figure out how to un-butt-ify this before I make it official...
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    @chabad360 Only if you want to :)
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    This logos and how the birds drawn reminds me of no step on snek lmao
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    No offense though, it’s just me. Number 2 logo is the best imo
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    Maybe on #5 push the butt/bird a bit further back and give it the blue background.
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    I like the big small in 5,
    Like the rounded square and tips of wings from 3.

    I’d try 5 with tips of wings, small birds a subtle tiny bit bigger and the border bolder (as bold as the tiny birds then will be)
    They I’d try the square with round corners.
    Also, I like the un-symmetry of the small birds. Maybe that could be some more. Maybe some golden radio.

    Finally, I think showing the wings of the big bird will un-butt-ify the icon.

    What’s the use anyway ? General company logo? Or Icons to click on? App-logo ?
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    I was going to go with @C0D4's idea with 5 (and reduce the bird size a little), but I have to say, @netikras convinced me with his boobs (might also be the girly hair he's been growing lately).
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    +1 to boobs
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    I like #1, but a combination of #3 and #5 would probably look good
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    None of them.
    Too thin
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    1-3 look like someone typed the ­čÉŽemoji in Comic Sans.

    4 is nice and simple, but some people will see boobs instead of bird.

    I would iterate on 5. Maybe make all the lines a bit more bold, and scale the small birds to a geometric ratio of the bigger bird. Eyes & brains love "correct geometry".

    Also: I would not include the circle outline, just the shape(s) of the birds.

    I would also make the background transparent (png or preferably, svg), so the logo is easy to use on various backgrounds -- with both a light and dark version.

    Also look up brand guidelines from companies with a good visual language, like Twitter:


    They think about things like:

    "from which shapes is the logo constructed"

    "If the logo must be placed in a square or circle, how is the margin defined"

    "what should the logo look like when printed in grayscale"
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    5, but shrink the big one some and move it offcenter to the left
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    I like 4 the spacing and angles are off in the rest
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