My friend who constantly keeps messaging me to switch to windows:

le me: can ssh to my linux machine from anywhere and it can handle over 1000 users simultaneously and if one Xorg client on the main machine dies, we can just close it and open another. while their windows' whole graphics crashes if there's too much load on their graphics. We even played minecraft on the main machine lol, while other devs were connected to it.

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    Welcome to devRant, enjoy your stay!

    About the rant itself though,
    Irrelevant argument, no? Windows GDI isn't built for distributed graphics, and neither are the drivers. They still do handle single client graphics much better, because that's what the Windows userbase needs. There are incredibly few graphics applications/games I've seen actually go faster on Linux.

    And idk what you're talking about load, I've run everything from AAA games on highest settings to massive Blender renders on Windows and it's been a pleasant experience all round. Linux though...yeah, not quite there.
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    Linux good
    Windows bad
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    @LiterallyJesus both are painfully average
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    It is all about personal preference, imo
    Please don't even bother yourself arguing about this with others. 😉
    It is like playing chess with a pigeon... It will fuck up every rule, shit on the table and than it will announce victory over you, without any logic..

    Btw welcome to the devRant family. 😉
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    Lately i wanted to switch to Ubuntu then i realized I can't play all the games ☚ī¸
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    Why choose when you can have both (if you feel the need to)?
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    @miksaraj Yeah i have Ubuntu VM
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    It's generally useless to discuss what OS / Kernel is better than the other one.
    Each has its own quirks, advantages and disadvantages.
    So fucking stop screeching at people for their OS.

    Admittedly tho, your friend sounds annoying as fuck.
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    Whoot!!! In before the Arch gang!

    🤔 where is @Haxk20 these days?
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    @C0D4 programming. Maybe you should do the same instead of farming dots.
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    @Haxk20 maybe I'm programming a machine learning bot that can one day doot farm better then myself.
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    @C0D4 challenge accepted
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    One thing that bothers me: My linux machine has trouble redistributing resources after I quit something resource intensive. The GUI is laggy after I close Blender, Unity or a game until I restart. Can't find anything about it on the internet.
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    @Lor-inc That sounds odd, and like a scheduler bug.
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