Is sleeping on your desk an actual thing which happen or it is a misconception provided by movies?

I have never slept on my desk no matter how tired I am (I had done a week coding marathon) .I always wrap myself with fluffy blanket when sleeping.

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    It can happens sometimes, after a fatty lunch.

    Thing is, my desk is in an open space, and since I usually fall asleep on the keyboard, my face sometimes has traces of individual keys.

    Not very discreet.
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    keyboard sleep is the best 😆
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    It's not something you plan but rather just happens.

    I have caught myself falling sleep on my desk a few times followed by utter disbelief and pretending to be just thinking with my head down.
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    Maybe it because I always have caffeinated drink on my desk while working that I don' have a same experience as you.

    I have "I am tired going to sleep for 15 minute" moment but don't have unexpected sleep.
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    @heyheni Here is an idea. Since keyboard sleep is the best , we should stuff the pillow with keyboard :)
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    It does indeed. You just close your door, lie back in your chair and that's it
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    It's different from what I am describing. I am describing what the suddenly sleeping while working like in the image below.

    The thing you are describing look like a normal sleep. I have sleep on various situation (sleeping while talking , sleeping while standing ) and sleeping while walking (which I admit its dangerous) , maybe you could say it "sleep walking" :)

    Maybe something is wrong with my common sense since I think sleeping on a chair is normal.
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    It doesn't happen anymore....

    It's not a thing when your company actually abides the law and your country has work protection laws.

    When you've worked > 30 hours, a sleep on the keyboard for a few hours is better than trying to get back home.... Because your brain just doesn't work anymore.
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    never slept on a desk, but did nap under a table in the last IT office I worked at.
    yay student employment
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    Oh it's real, that keyboard imprint is hard to hide.

    Long weeks of brain numbing tasks end up with a sleeping @C0D4 😅
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    Does sleeping during a night shift count ?
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    Yeah, I’ve fallen asleep on my desk quite a few times. It’s not frequent, but it happens when I don’t sleep and also don’t want to leave my desk
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    True story, I commented it yesterday and got pictured by a colleague in the afternoon while sleeping on my chair.
    Bastard shared it on Teams.
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    I worked with some Chinese folks after lunch they sleep in there desk, I guess depends of the culture and company
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