Rant Init...

That moment you write some magnificent code and everyone is sleeping so you can't share it with anyone but you feel like the room should turn into an exciting musical where you win an award. (Best code can ONLY be written between the hours of 12am and 6am)

The next day, you try to explain to your significant other (user) how amazing this new genius way of doing that "thing" was, in hopes of sharing your excitement but all you get is a "you're such a dork" instead.

You may even try to share it with a coworker or fellow programmer but somehow they just don't see how exciting it is for you.

Rant completed...

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    That's when you share it with devRant :D
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    sometimes you have to see it as a personal victory. kind of like working out, and you lose a pound, but most people don't know what it took to lose that one freaking pound, this they don't share that excitement. again, personal victory.
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    Yeah I can't explain code to my wife. Her eyes start going distant. However, she doesn't call me a dork for it.
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    yeah just throw a fist in the air, have a little celebratory dance, move on to the next issue haha
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    You're such a dork sounds better than - "huh? So the code works?"
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    12AM to 6AM, that's very true :)
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    I always take dork, nerd, whatever to mean unqualified genius and bask in my colleagues' and friends' adulation.
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