If you go back to Win 7 from Win 10, you realise that things open faster than you can even blink. Case being that you use an ssd ofcourse. Oh and lets not even talk about a linux distro like Linux Puppy, running straight from the memory! Hahah

Just remembered this and miss how lightning fast it felt!

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    Now I want a separate machine for windows 7 just to feel the need for speed. :)
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    IF there are drivers for your hardware. MS made deals with manufacturers to not provide drivers for Windows 7 and only for Windows 10.
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    I have an old windows xp box that I built 20 years ago that is still running xp that I run some ancient games on. Yeah it boots up in like 3 seconds.
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    @Demolishun shit like this makes me so fucking sad. I bet I could port them with a hex editor unless they have a new kernel API. Eh on second thought they probably did do that otherwise it would be too easy.
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    @FrodoSwaggins dang! Neat 👌
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    Meanwhile someone I know is assuring me that 10 is way faster than 7
    Am I missing something ?
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    @CodeTalker missing the truth?
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    @akshar If that is verified then you got a happy boy here. Still using 7 and I don't want to upgrade and have to reinstall / lose things over this so-called improvement
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