Hi, everybody

Currently, I'm studying computer science and I would like to know which computer science books must every computer scientist should read.

I would like to hear your recommendations, Thank You!

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    Actual computer science?

    That's a deep stack. Do you want specifically books for a CS professorship track, or do you want suggestions for a career in CS engineering?
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    @SortOfTested books for a career in computer science
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    Well that's too much general question, I think at first it's better to choose your career path by reading articles and then decide which path you are interested in and then focus on becoming an expert in that field or major
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    @arrow891 I'm willing to get a master's degree in artificial intelligence.
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    (Mostly unordered)
    - imposters handbook
    - intro to algorithms
    - art of computer programming volume six + language update
    - code complete 2nd edition
    - code by Charles petzold
    - programming pearls by John Bentley
    - MIT the missing semester (YouTube)
    - domain driven design by Erik Evans
    - patterns of enterprise architecture by Martin Fowler
    - GoF book
    - applied cryptography
    - functional programming and the lambda calculus
    - functional programming simplified
    - learn you a Haskell (website, follow-up to previous)

    That's a good start. Anything by Bob Martin is skippable. The books have some good advice, but mostly common sense. For most people they seem to substitute as an assemblage of canon that supplants an actual understanding of "how to factor shit correctly." If you learn to program correctly, you'll end up complying with most of the code-fascist rules from a first principles perspective.
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    @SantiagoYeomans well I'm not much of a expert in that field, but my studies shows that you must focus on mathematics, algorithms and programming, you can start with studying algorithms and participating in online challenges for algorithm solving, also python language is a powerful language with a great community which can help you achieve your goals, combination of these will be helpful I think
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    @SortOfTested I'm impressed by the sheer amount of books you know. I don't think I even know 1 lol
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    Just read Stackoverflow
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    For the first half of my career, the internet wasn't much of a resource. Most of those books are older than my daughter.
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    @SortOfTested I remember that I started with old version of deitel and deitel c++, when I didn't have personal computer and I used to write codes on the paper :))
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    @SantiagoYeomans I don't know if you get it. You just can't "be willing" to get a degree in anything. You have to actually want to do it if you want to be minutely successful.

    Take my advice. Go find some IT shop or datacenter that's willing to hire you on or allow you to shadow someone in the field you want to pursue.

    Once you get a better idea of what and why, then we can give you some meaningful advice.
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    @SortOfTested thanks! I had no idea that there is a book called Imposter's handbook :D
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