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    "It's not a bug, it's a feature"
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    Detected non conformant user, starting countermeasures.
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    You're touching it the wrong way.


    (nothing sexual)
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    That is the problem with a charger or his outlet.
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    @Gregozor2121 The charger is a brand new one I got from the company and I'v tried over 6 plugs at work. 2 in one house. 2 more at a friend's place. and few more at few other places I've taken my laptop to. And it has never failed to disappoint me. It gives me a shock even when I'm sitting on a bed, perfectly insulated..... Basically their charges don't have a ground pin. And the entire mac has a metal body. I'd expect apple to have thought this through when they are selling it at $1500+
    Don't get me started on the pain I have to go through to run a simple docker container, that mostly does nothing. I guess I expect a lot from it.
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    @user261 They're using floating ground. :) A scary number of low voltage electric engineers doesn't know that a floating ground only works as long as there's no conductive contact between the device and the external world.
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    @Lor-inc oh! wow. Didn't know such a thing existed. :)
    You an electronics enthusiast?
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    @user261 Not really, but I know a little. Like how charge doesn't disappear to thin air, and how large surfaces can be abused to pretend ground.
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    @Lor-inc do you think it would be possible to have a large surface and then a very pointy projection at a remote place on that surface. Would it allow for corona discharge?

    CORONA <laugh like an idiot>
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    @user261 That'd require a tad bit more experience in both differentiation and physics than I have. I know neither the equations nor how to solve them.But to my understanding corona discharge is insignificant compared to the charge that naturally builds up in an ungrounded system, even in a very moist atmosphere that would damage the computer anyway.
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    @Lor-inc hum.. that's interesting. Moisture frying electronics
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