This guy in a youtube tutorial is continuously moving AND RESIZING his windows to switch between chrome and the text editor after each little change, and this is physically hurting my head😖 WHY DOESN'T HE USE ALT+TAB

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    This is bothering me a lot than it should. :c
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    "What do-we-dewwww guys?!"

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    He moves the window left and right repeatedly as if he's finding chrome, and then opens chrome from the dock, then resizes it again 🥴
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    Another reason why text tutorials are better! Honestly, I understand that some things are easier to explain on video, but programming?
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    @gronostaj the information density in tutorials vary so much as well, so I find myself both skipping and repeating bits in videos which works a lot better for text.

    Plus not having to wait and watch as they type out boilerplate that has nothing to do with the subject they are demonstrating.
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    I mean... you are watching a video of someone type in a screen. That should be your first issue instead of jumping to the frame that contains a screen full of code and moving on.
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    Why are you taking advice from someone who hasn't mastered their tools?
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