Why must typography be the bane of my existance

Back in the day when I was trying to design websites they always looked like shit

Now I know all these rules about typography, spacing, colors, contrast... and my websites still look like shit

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    I usually just google font combinations - that helps me I know fuck all about typography tho 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
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    @bonegarden same here, i usually use fontjoy.com for that matter and click around until i find something that fits with the rest
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    Take an overview of material.io guides buddy. Your precious time won't be wasted. :)
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    just find a site that looks cool and then Frankenstein it with another one. use chrome extensions to see what fonts are in the page.
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    @akshar Material is a bit overused. It's great for a start, but it gets very boring because of how Google put it everywhere.
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    @Lor-inc they provide guides on how to customize material-based applications too :)
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    Web typography’s hard. On the other hand, spending a bunch of time in terminal windows made me pretty judgmental about monospace ligatures:

    > is that a `->` or a `→`?

    > who cares? my `>=` looks like a damned `≥`!
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    @akshar @Lor-inc Yeah I'm super not a fan of Material design.
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    @LucasLarson They work because, unless your language designers are complete idiots or it's an esolang, neither of the unicode chars you just wrote should appear outside string literals.
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