I'm envious of Backend developers who can just 'see' the problem domain and start creating an architecture. I can't see shit - I just stare blankly at the project and I think: hm, what models do I write?

I know I'm a structured person, but I lack the knowledge and practice. One day I'll be able to do this, but for now I have to keep doing things ad hoc.

I really don't belong in the Backend but unfortunately that's how my career is turning out for now. All I know is I have to get better at this.

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    Alot of Architects have their goto Design Principles/Patterns. This is something you develop over time and experience. It is necessary to have seen different projects, teams, companies and cultures.

    I see alot of Architects having one Architecture to rule them all and are stubborn to evolve it. Try not to become one of them. Be open minded!

    Architecture often evolves and is driven by dependencies, nfa and requirements.

    TL;DR: Heads up, You'll get there.
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    It's experience. You blow up on the small projects that don't matter much so when it comes to big ones, you know what not to do and what will happen if you did.

    Most devs don't have enough of the first... So it's prod issues and monolithic code... They have a lot of lazy too.
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