Safari is the new Internet Explorer.

Change my mind!

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    It's not "new". 🙂
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    You are right.
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    No we're not going to charge your mind, it's a fact.
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    Ie fucks over web standards for no reason. Safari fucks over web standards for speed. Safari is faster than chrome even on a mac, and the only thing that can compete with it is newborn quantum flow Firefox engine written in a language that hadn’t existed when safari was developed. And animations are still smoother in safari no matter what.

    So use Firefox I guess, and btw if you write your code without goddamn hacks, it works in safari. It has some annoyances like needing to create an audio element and a button if you want an automatic playback, but the list is short and there are polyfills.

    For all my career I never had a safari-specific problem.
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    @uyouthe I’ve had plenty. 4 out of 5 were safari specific problems.
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