Completed all interview stages with a recruitment firm last month. Passed all the stages. They reach out to me to begin with. They reach out to me saying they are currently waiting to hear back from the partner firm whom they shared my profile with but I was successful in the final stage. I asked the recruiter what's up like a month ago and she said she was waiting to hear back from the partner. It's been 4 weeks now and I don't want to seem desperate so I am holding off on emailing the recruiter again. Do u guys think it is a bust offer? The company is prominent here and I feel they wouldn't make me go through all the stages of interview if they didn't have a placement for me. I am so impatient coz I am basically out of a job rn, haven't been paid in the second month and man I need this job coz I know they pay well. What do I doooo???

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    Just tell them you're looking elsewhere, and if they don't hurry up a bit, it may be their loss.
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