Today I messaged my CTO 👩‍💻 ,
"If you were a repo, I'd commit to you everyday"
and didn't get a reply. What will happen tomorrow ?

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    Might get a sexual harassment complaint.
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    ERROR: You don't have the permission to commit to this repository.

    Possible reason: Private Repo.
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    @Jilano really ? dude i'm 21
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    @heavenZ52 even if you were 15, doesn't change anything
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    @heavenZ52 That's now how that works lmao
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    Yikes 🤣
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    I bet your commit message was cringe and that lead to a merge conflict
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    > What will happen tomorrow?

    Your CTO? Nothing.

    <thought bubble over his/her head>: "Repo? What's that? Must be some nerd-speak that looser is asking for help with. Better not respond and hope he gets help from someone else. Yea...I'm awesome."
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    git init --virgin
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    @PaperTrail you made my day 🤣
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    > What will happen tomorrow ?
    Best case, CTO will want to merge with you.
    Worst case, you'll be in detached HEAD state.
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    Usally protocol in such case is that CTO will call hr and then HR will contact you and ask you to sign up for POSH training ( prevention of sexual harassment)

    Failing to comply and repetitive behavior may lead to termination of contract

    Also you will be black-listed by corporates so good luck getting a new job.
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    @cafebabe probably a website or spreadsheet or something that let's people now about potential hires?
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    @cafebabe during background check HR might contact the previous employer, sometimes things gets cleared then and there.
    It only happens in corporates, i am not sure exactly how they do this on larger scale
    I suppose those job portal that we apply to still have our details and sometimes portals are shared between corporates
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    @VaderNT This comment requires way more appreciation.
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    @ScribeOfGoD Ooh! "Spreadsheets", nice! Everyone knows HR like element spreadsheets.
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    That’s straight up harassment
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    If this were any decent sized company your CTO would have a secretary to read these mails and you'd either get a reply asking wtf that means or it would go into spam and no one would give a shit.
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