What’s your worst pickup lines for devs?

How about this:
When my dick gets hard, it gets as hard as NP hard.

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    Hey babe, wanna fork?
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    All of them are shit.
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    "You'd segfault if you dereferenced with that thing 😂"

    Oh, pick up lines?
    Yeah, no.
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    Sounds like use after free - lets do some valgrind together...
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    Best pickup line:

    "Hi, I'm [insert name here], I think you're cute, and if you're interested, I'd love to talk to you for a bit and get to know you."
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    "Wanna merge sometime around?"
    "I'm a branch you're the master" (For the masochist)
    "You're as confusingly beautiful as GCC sources"
    "Suh you stupid bitch" (Always works)

    I feel the cringe running through my veins.
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    And here is the Git master branch default name discussion again...
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    I am not looking for some good ones. I am looking for the most ridiculous ones.

    @SortOfTested I am pretty sure that this would work. Which is not the point here.
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    @Root as because it’s out of bounds ? Or do I miss something here ?
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    @Stuxnet yes, that’s the point here!
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    Somebody mention @rutee07
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    @vintprox I don't use pickup lines. I literally just pick them up with a tractor, really sweeps them off their feet then I literally "dump" them somewhere.
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    @rutee07 if that does not work, I’m fine! Keep going! Thanks for sharing.

    Where do you get tractors ?
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    The ladies version, probably:
    "let's push your big message in my queue system"
    "be my little robot: I'll spank you as reward everytime you touch me in the right place"
    "wanna check out my inbox?" *pronounce inbox as in-box*
    **something something** do gradient descent **something something between the legs** (cbf thinking)
    "wanna check my DB? Gotta have the right schema!" **wink wink or some shit**

    And the most realistic one: "I've been fucked all day today while writing this damn feature. Now it's time I fuck someone else for the balance of the world to be restored. Take off your pants and think of your high school crush." *opens a condom, because responsible adults*

    P. S. Not much thought has been put into this. Cuz shitz n giggles.
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    Git: "Hey, wanna pull/push-to my branch?"
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    I shall now try to pick up all the chicks in this thread so far using their nicknames as hints

    @Root (Honestly, you probably already heard this one before)

    Do you have an Android? Because I'd really like to *root* your *device* ;)

    @SortOfTested (Imagine we're colleagues)

    Are you the master branch? Because my *feature* is ready to be *pushed* into *production*

    @NoMad (A database name apparently!)

    Are you open to a *relation* ship ? Because I'd like to insert my *foreign key* into your *column* ;)

    I'm sorry for everyone involved, I will see myself out...
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    @Hazarth do you accept "please insert that foreign key waaaay up your own arse and see if any table lock occurs first" as an answer?
    Because the cringe is real and I can't hold it in.
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    I accept that answer and tried the insert you suggested, got "Insertion failed: Violation of all Social Constraints known to mankind" as an error!

    Seems I still have things to learn :(
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