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    What what what what WHAT?? 😬
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    Hello orange dot. Please don't make devRant another Reddit, thank you in advance.

    Oh and by the way, yeah, shower seems to work that way if you have cheap faucet.
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    Float it
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    I don’t get it why people spend so much time, money and affection choosing a working pc, because yeah alright it’s an important tool, but when it comes to important things like showers or mattresses they’re just like meh imma just pick the random one
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    double temperature = Double.parseDouble("AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA");
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    @uyouthe It's a joke that, like most jokes, has some truth in it. Maybe you rent a place and you can't change anything, maybe you haven't done a remodel that's due, maybe you just got into the shower and someone else flushed the toilet...

    Otherwise yeah, I agree, if you're buying something for yourself in the long term, better splurge for something nice.
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    @uyouthe One of the issues is that you have very few ways to compare parts.

    When you check a computer parts website there's going to be specs, ratings and comments from people who more or less know what they're talking about. You can find a million articles and reviews, there's magazines and youtube channels dedicated to benchmarks, etc.

    Now try picking a faucet, or a drain... 95% of the parts won't have ratings, or even proper descriptions. Maybe one person left a 1-star review on a part. Maybe that person is just a retard who installed the drain wrong. The shops usually don't list all the specs -- usually they don't even list dimensions, included subparts, or compatibilities.

    So most people will just pick a mid-segment shower cabin with masturbator jets and sauna function which breaks after 6 months because it's all cheap plastic, or get a contractor to build them an overpriced shower with marble tiles which starts leaking after 3 months because it was built in a hurry.
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    I remember having my kitchen planned (service was for free) couple of years ago.

    It took more than an hour...

    Door knobs... Sealing of the counter top... Colours... And so on.

    I definitely remember the discussion about faucets: She (the planner) warned me very explicitly to check at home which flow type heater was installed... As some faucets won't work (pressure related)…

    And the funny part was that you can get faucets for 700 euro plus. And no I'm not joking.

    The planner and I had both had a lot of fun, especially playing the game of "Guess the price" instead of "Do you want it?"... Which was pretty cruel for my ex who was just there out of curiosity and got in the crossfire xD

    And it was disturbing.... The faucet for 700 bucks had btw nothing special. Looked exactly like the mid tier category, except it was a touch more sleek (between 35 to 75 bucks).

    So yeah. Without that planner I'd never imagined you need to know which type of device you'll use for warm water. Many lessons learned that day.
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    Four things in life you should always choose carefully and get best you can afford :

    1. Keyboard and mouse
    2. Showers
    3. Bed (mattress, pillows and bedding)
    4. Toilet paper
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    No. Int temperature as bool;
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    @asgs then double it
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    AI shower head. Dynamically learns your preferences, and reduces the "continous" variable of temp into discrete settings, so after a while you never have to fiddle with the water again.

    1. user profiles

    2. bluetooth

    3. cloud backup

    4. lcd screen

    5. drug/funpill dispenser

    6. selfie came for instagram thots.

    7. an "indie" kickstarter collaborating with WISH, made with "sustainable labor" and "green materials".

    8. subscription model.
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    @Ranchu I laughed out loud, I love the value of AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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    @OmerFlame but hey, it's true.
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    @Ranchu it is! No denying it.
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    isCold != isCold;
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