How do you choose the hostnames for your systems?
I usually name them after AIs from series, movies,games.

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    Usually after minor military equipment, like ammo box or field jacket.
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    My laptop has been named Kurwa-Laptop with weird unicode symbols surrounding it.
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    srv - a server
    nam - the app name abbreviation, like fb, gml, drnt
    app - it's an app server, others could be db, cache, mq, api, etc. abbreviated
    prod - the environment
    01 - server number if there are more like that one, e.G. A cluster.

    If there's a cluster, I like to have the same name just w/o the number part as a cluster name [a dns record, round-robin balancing through all that cluster nodes]
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    @Ranchu polish? 😁
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    @netikras if you count the polish roots from my father's side, somewhat.
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    @Ranchu That's how I recognise Polish metalheads at festivals - they finish every sentence with "kurwa". ^^
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    @netikras That's a good way! I've also seen some people adding a WIN/NUX if they have a complex environment.
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    When it was my responsibility, I used different patterns over the years.

    Sometimes it was category names like gods or similar, other times it was more functional names like ws01 for a web server.

    Where I am today they use a set prefix and an inventory counter per class, so basically all the same letters and a string if numbers.
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    Random guids or timestamps for servera, since they're cattle and need to be killed if they misbehave. Naming them would create too much of a bond.

    For desktops I pick a random word, right now it's disco for example
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    I name them after epic computers from movies, like Deepthought, HAL9000, ...
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    My experience with non-functional names is that they're harder to remember. I *might* have spent some time trying to remember the server names when working from home..
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    @Jilano complex env would require a better platform part imo. Win/nux is not accurare. I'd use
    win lin aix sol hpx sco tru osx bsd zli

    and so on. What you're referring to as nux can be split into at least 3 different families [only one of which s non-proprietary] with considerable differences. I'm not even starting on differences between versions :)

    and then you might want to also add a separate part defining physical/virtual/container/workload machine. And on which section can it be found [wpar/lpar]. And so on :)

    in my sysadmin position we had separate naming conventions for different unices as their virt/cont technologies are too different - the name would become too bloated for other platforms
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    For homestuff I usually just go with os/dist name/abv + whatever kind of computer it is for example box for laptop, my current one is named deb-box
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