I spent a major part of last week writing my third blog post. Last weeks topic was the alias command, I did lots of reading and I came up with an article I think would be interesting.
You can read the article on https://munawrites.me/2020/06/...
I would really love to read your feedback on what your thoughts are on the alias command.

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    As I'm a Windows user and addicted to keeping a clean console, I just do alias cls='clear'
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    Also I really like the useful example you've added, I'll add those to my VM real quick.
    Generally it's a good read, kept it nice and clean.
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    @Ranchu am a windows user too currently using WSL2 Ubuntu18.04
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    @Ranchu you should check out the github link at the end of the article, I packaged my bash_aliases file into a repo on github.
    Send me a pull request, I would really like to see what other helpful aliases you use to make bash usage more efficient.
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