My dystopian fuckwad of a government just blocked duckduckgo.

China just took some of our land, so they got around to banning chinese apps on local internet. And while they were at it, for no reason they blocked a bunch of privacy apps and duckduckgo. Which is an American company.

How fucking convenient.

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    :/ Is this HK?
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    Could also be india
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    @AlmondSauce India
    Ban on Chinese apps, including TikTok, surprises India content - BBC: India's ban on 59 Chinese apps, including the wildly popular TikTok and WeChat...
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    @AlmondSauce Def India.

    There's been border disputes between them and China
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    When china invades india

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    @heyheni I mean, at least a little good is being Done in the world, TikTok is pure immoral cancer and they even admit it themselves.
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    @molaram And the United Nations will continue to do absolutely nothing.
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    All this political crap at the moment just makes me want to play Fallout 76 in real life.
    Without the bugs of course.
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    @molaram you laugh now but there is this disident Sauytbay who said that she read chinese goverment documents with a roadmap of conquering chinas neighbor country in the near future and the long-term goal is europe.

    1. phase 2014-2025: Assimilation of xjingjangs uighurs as a testing ground on how to stomp out disident and create china loyal citicens.

    2. phase 2025-2035: Soft Annexion of Kirgistan, Kasachstan, Usbekistan by "generous" credits for infrastructure projects. Making them blackmailable. And thus more susceptible for joining china.

    3. phase 2035-2055: Conquering Europe. Enemy no. 1 is Germany. We will see china trying to create instability beforehand.

    Loyalty through hopelessness

    And all this because of the British humiliated the chinese national pride with the boxer opium war and the destruction of the summer palace 1860. Revenge on the west. They will come for us with a smiling face and a dagger held on the back.
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    Some of land is understatement, according to treaty no-one is allowed to do construction in actual line of control, China did we demolished it so fight happened

    not sure what were the reasons to block duckduckgo though
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    @heyheni this would be a long conversation but perhaps some will agree that the capitalist and democratic experiments kind of failed and that some parts of the world could use some changes. I don't know. I am just sick of seeing wars, people suffering, disease, poverty while government and rich corporation people stuff their dogs with caviar for breakfast and what sickens me most is the inability to do anything not because of lack of resources but because changing anything at all on your own is impossible.
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    To be fair, there is a bunch of shady shit going on behind the curtain of DDG. They try to maintain the public image of honesty and trustworthyness, but they are not all they claim to be.
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    @hardfault I believe... no duckduck => use highly tracking search engines => begin gathering data for the Chinese government
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    Humanity can burn.
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    @Root what? No! That would mean lots of carbon emissions :(
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    @piratefox And then their abrupt end!
    See, it's good for the environment.
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    Looks like china never played civ
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    @endor where is this coming from ?
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    Perfect opportunity to build your own while the moment is available.

    Sell to some dumbass once you've built the audience, someone who wants to buy the competition or user base.

    This is not a problem.

    This is an opportunity.
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    Are you sure?
    I'm using duckduckgo. And everything works here.
    Also I haven't heard duckduckgo in the list of 59 apps. Maybe I missed something.
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