iOS dev here
Just wanted to share my experience on updating Xcode and why I schedule 3 hours for this process.
So, updating Xcode via the AppStore has always been flaky at best and ofcouse Xcode needs to be closed first. You hit update, the button turns gray, half an hour in you still see no progress...
That's why I often just download it from the dev center. But since Xcode Ghost the app is also wrapped in a signed container.
Downloading: 10 minutes
Expaning: 60 minutes!!!
After that I move the app in place and fire it up, always have to close my music player first grrr...
After that Gate Keeper verifies the app for another 60 minutes.
Finally Xcode comes to live.
Only need to install new command line tools for another few minutes and I can continue coding.
Wait. Half my day is over!
Why Apple? Why?

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    Last time I had to use some Windows computer in company I got a _brilliant_ idea to upgrade it before starting work...
    1. wait 1h+ when it's "searching for updates" (yeah, you can work meanwhile, but your PC is slower)
    2. wait few minutes for it to download those updates (while ofc. showing "0%" progress all time until end) and then "install"
    3. Reboot after your PC says it needs a reboot
    4. See "installing 1 of 217 updates" screen blocking your OS startup
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    Was that air ?
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