Zomato developer seriously need to study how Shortest Path Algorithm works!

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    unidirectionnal street(s) ?
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    @Tounai Nope , It's not one way
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    Delivery executive didn't follow the above path.Seems he knows Shortest Path Algorithm ..lol
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    As if indian motorcycle delivery guys care about traffic rules. They will pull a Bollywood motorcycle stunt to get your mango lassi delivered. (and steal your girl with a smile like in the movies) 😄
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    @heyheni Agree. 😂
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    If it is a Delivery service, the shortest path might include further targets which would not be reachable otherwise.... But I wouldn't trust any graphic spit out by such an app.
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    @IntrusionCM zomato is amazing, if you ever plan on a vacation in india i highly recommend to try it out.
    In 2017 I orderd freshly pressed fruit juice for 1 euro and within 4-8 minutes later there was a motorcycle delivery guy in the jaipur hotel lobby. I was shocked how fast it was.

    Here in switzerland delivery has usually a minimum order price of $20/rs1600 and a pizza costs around $18 and you have to wait up to an hour. ☚ī¸
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    @heyheni I don't think it's not about Zomato. All delivery executive and their superman skills..lmao.. Nobody can stop them traffic ,people even police ..lol
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    @heyheni depends. Germany here.

    It depends on the delivery service...

    I order quite often (1-2 times a week), simply because in every town I lived till now I found some "pearls".

    Simple restaurants with simple meals which are very good. Even simple stuff like Kebab can be extremely delicious when done right.

    The delivery guys amaze me sometimes.... Don't know if it's because I'm their gold mine, but I'll hardly need to wait 30 mins. If it takes longer, I'll usually get some goodie... (Coke. Larger portion. Stuff like that.)

    Since Corona came and I'm self quarantined since march because of my health issues, if all fails, I order every day stuff like milk from my delivery service... Sounds weird, but they're completely fine with it.

    Even then they don't take longer. XD
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    Does not happen often, that a pathing algorithm has access to the criminal investigations database.
    But the resut looks like this when it does...
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    @heyheni And then services like Uber Eats that don't have an order minimum turn a $7 meal into a $25 meal lol
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    @heyheni lmao, yeah, because Indian males are commonly the most sought after eh?
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    Dude Most of the times delevery not only for you alone there will be other fulfillments along the way
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    Apple maps approves
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