Best software for 21:9 screens? How do you take advantage of all te screen?

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    I have a dell ultrawide and it came with pretty good software to manage screen layouts and such, but it only works with Dell monitors I believe.
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    It depends if it's a 1080p or 1440p monitor. On the former, I just snap one window on each sides, on the latter, I sometimes snap them in each corners.
    Not using anything specific, Linux or Windows can do both natively.
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    I find that monitor format annoying and have a 16:10 instead.
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    Elite dangerous, or any other fps with 180° fov
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    Are you talking wm?
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    Probably a tiling window manager.
    I'm using vscode mainly, and it's fine.
    I did rebind some hotkeys to move around the tabs though, the less I use the mouse the better.
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    For me, reading and writing is most of what I do, so vertical space is more important. I have 2 horizontal and one vertical (all 16:9, 1080p)
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