To all the devRant community:

After a lot of work during the last month, I finally got to release my first game on the App Store!!!.

I would appreciate any feedback! I will keep adding more content and releasing new updates based on your comments!

Thank You!


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    Checking it out man! Congrats!
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    @broseph Thank you very much! Hope you enjoy it :)
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    mE hAvE aNdRoiD
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    1) there's an awful amount of lag when swiping leading to being unable to dodge vehicles when your boxed in.

    2) NPC vehicles don't understand their own space, damn truck was on the top of a forklift 😅

    Otherwise not bad, could waste hours in this, if it wasn't for the flappy bird level of hardness dodging vehicles.

    That lag seems to occur after a few consecutive swipes close together.
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    @C0D4 thank you very much for taking the time to play the game and also writing your feedback!! I will get to work to fix the pints you mentioned.

    I hope you are having fun
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    @10Dev thank you very much for you positive feedback. You made my day! I will keep adding more content to make a better game.
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    I might just "borrow" my friend's iPhone to try this.
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