Hey iOS devs 👋🏻 have you ever released an app internally without the Apple developer program? 🤔I need an alternative and I hope you can help me please

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    Well, not ios dev, but yes, released an ios app internally before. We had said developer license for it though, and built everything under it, I don’t know if it’s possible without it. Anyway, as I was working with react native, there was this tool/app called expo, that I used to test apps. One nice feature it had, was building actual app images for distribution with their developer license. I don’t know if they still provide that future, but it may be something you would like to look into.
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    I believe you have to either get the license to deploy to a device, or jailbreak it and sideload the app.

    Depending on your needs, the second may not be practical if you intend on using it in commercial environment.

    If it is a commercial app, just bill the company and get on with it.
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    @7DeadlyBugs that sounds great, thank you man I’m going to look for it
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    @C0D4 great man, thank you so much!
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