Another video calling app??!


Oh yus.. Why not!
There's no login, works on mobile browser and its dead simple!

Check it out and pliz give feedback!
And it's very beta!

Also, anyone have any gyaan about growth hacking for something like this?

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    You got a privacy statement for me to read? I like the looks of this, what's the stack? How is CI/CD setup? Do you plan to make it big and do marketing? How is it deployed? Does it scale etc. Is it open source?
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    How do you handle duplicate room name?
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    @cafebabe Could be a good idea for the father and soon talk (you know what specific talk I mean). If for some reason, you cannot do the talk locally, you can do the talk on the talk.
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    Cool. Who made it tho
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    Not a rant, looks like advertisement. Why do you do this?
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    @bioDan Sorry about that. I thought it was in story
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    @mr-user Currently its not handled. You should be able to generate a unique enough room name though right
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    @cafebabe Lol!

    I was going for the more 'the talk is happening at' feeling haha
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    lol I did
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    Tech stack:

    Backend is nodejs and mongodb, hosted on digital ocean - 2vCPU/4gb (40usd server) running ubuntu 18.

    Also using Kurento media server.

    Frontend is on React. Hosted on the same droplet.

    Currently is no ci/cd but shouldn't be too hard to add a gitlab pipeline for the droplet.

    It should scale for maybe 100-200 concurrent users for now. (I think)

    It was just a side project to get started with - but I'm struggling on the getting traction bit.

    Building something is so much simpler compared to getting traction or convincing people to use it. (Or just getting feedback)

    Privacy completely skipped my mind tbh. I'll get on that.

    Any thoughts?
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    Read that as
    The Tal Kat
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    that is just too good. Prolly have to rebrand now lmao
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    @greengallop23 Privacy completely slipped your mind? How? That's kind of like a chef saying they forgot to cook the ingredients when putting them together.

    Seriously, security should be concurrent with your primary focus. You make it work and make it work securely; only then do you focus on other things, like making it user friendly.

    Security. comes. first.
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    How come any time I say: “check this out!” A hundred trolls come rushing to firestorm me - but it works for you? Can you share the magic password with me?
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    @sheriffderek ...this thread is not positive.
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    @PrivateGER It's not really negative, either.

    Cool beginning of a project.
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    @Root starting somewhere is always positive - i will agree / until we collectively decide it wasn’t!?!? ...In the future... but this one seems pretty harmless and honest. So far?!, right?
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    @PrivateGER explain further, please. I want to know more about your view point.
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    No I meant to say that putting a privacy policy skipped my mind.

    Currently, there is no user info collected. Such as ip, device, location etc.

    Even username is just a 6 digit random number.

    But I do log every time someone joins a room or exits a room. (Literally console.log)

    And google analytics is setup on the front end as well.

    Security wise, I'm using https on the server and the socket used for signaling the webrtc is secure as well.

    Concept wise, I thought this was sufficient for now.

    Do you have any thoughts about what I can improve?
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    While I don't like webrtc at all I still think that this a cool project. The privacy aspect @Root mentioned still stands though.

    Oh and I don't think your droplet will handle those 100 clients concurrently ;) 2 virtual CPUs and 4gigs really small. (and damn do they really cost fking 40 bucks? That's expensive af)
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    Yep, getting the privacy policy done.

    Seriously? 40usd server is one of the most expensive I use!
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    @greengallop23 my Hoster of choice (Hetzner Online) offers 2 dedicated vCores and 8GB of RAM with 80GB storage and 20TB outgoing traffic for around 20 to 25 dollars. This should be somewhat equivalent to your DO droplet. Not sure if DO has some addition services worth 20 more bucks
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    @greengallop23 Without doing a code review:
    1) privacy policy 👍 (if just a formality)
    2) google analytics 👎 (actually kinda evil)
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    But what alternatives to Google analytics? Roll out my own?
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    Daaaaaamn :O. Thanks a lot dude. Will definitely check it out
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    @greengallop23 Eh. You could, but that's a lot of work. There's some self-hosted analytics tools, but I can't remember their names right off.

    I don't use app analytics; can't really help. Sorry!
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    No worries, thanks varmuch!
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