Sign in with Apple...

* Nobody tells you that a app group can consist of a maximum of 6 apps.
* Nobody tells you that suddenly a key id is needed for constructing the signing key for signing the client_secret when other keys are added in the dev portal.
* Apple gives you email and name only (and i mean only) the first time a customer uses Sign In With Apple.
* You have no chance to reset your user during development in a way to try a fresh auth. So either create separate app ids or separate apple ids.

Sounds like fun, right?

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    Sounds like Apple
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    Privacy comes with price that usually developers have to pay not apple. Then on top of that apple wants our 30%
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    I'm surprised Apple even gives you the email.
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    Well, even if you want to have on your iOS device the app you wrote for yourselves only, you need to pay $99 to keep it working, otherwise it will stop after 7 days. This is why I, Mac developer from the early nineties, got the Android phone these days.
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    @hardfault Do you actually believe that apple cares about privacy?
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    @linuxxx lesser of the two evils at-least
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    @N00bPancakes I do believe they do care to a certain extend, only not that much since if they really cared as much as they're advertising, they would have made many choices regarding their products differently than they have.

    @hardfault Depends on what one's criteria is I'd say
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    @N00bPancakes considering 80% of their API is "well why do you need to know, hacker-fucker?" and most of it is undocumented privacy-negating functions i'm gonna call bullshit on that and call it a night.
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