I always thought that "double equals" and "is" meant the same thing in python.

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    "is" checks if both objects point to the same reference. I'm actually not sure what '1 is 1' would do
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    @ltlian values are probably evaluated like ==
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    @ltlian I bet the 1 is pooled and it will return True, but not sure either hmmm
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    @ltlian `1 is 1` is undefined behaviour (could return true or false) and deprecated, you'll get a SyntaxWarning in python 3.8 I believe and probably an actual error at some point
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    I always forget what 'is' means. Bill Clinton questioned the meaning of 'is'...
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    why would it be two separate operators if they meant/did the same thing?
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    Algorithm at it aga...wait...
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