Oh my lord. Even with JSP option available, some frick decided they should put everything in Java method including JavaScript. And to make it even worser they utilize syntax with StringBuilder. Just... take this away from me!

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    What the cinnamon toast fuck is this
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    @cabbybaby hm.

    I don't know if I should give you an explanation before I assert you're on happy pills or after....

    Well. I hope you took happy pills.

    JSP - Java Server Pages

    Someone took a Java string builder, used it to concatenate a bunch of raw Javascript statements, to spit it out on a web page.

    @vintprox Nuke it from the orbit. :)
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    Seems they didn't know about Java's fileIO.
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    @Ranchu NO, please ffs, don't make it more complicated πŸ˜‚
    I mean, JSP is already a file with all needed (and it's basically injected by system we work with) that they could specify where they type name of Java method.
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    @vintprox what the actual fuck
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    What in the name of fuck?
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