Fuck Realtek and their drivers. That's all.

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    Oh yeah that old shit like RT63792266x86.EXE which is build with some shit stack that mimicks windows 95 ui, pure a e s t h e t i c
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    @uyouthe I bought dock for my laptop and while I was installing windows drivers for ethernet, the whole system just crashed. Looks like GPU driver or something like that. It happened twice, before the installation finished successfully. Linux is using as ethernet driver cdc_ether by default, which crashes my whole local network when I put my laptop to sleep. Realtek drivers supports only Linux <= 5.6. Fucking nice.
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    @lamka02sk ah, sweet old times when I have no money to get a MacBook
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    Return faulty device to the store
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    I agree with you. Oh boy and you havent read or had to work with the drivers. Oh shit i had to. PAIN. Like real pain. Sometimes i wonder who the fuck actually accepted that into mainline. Now they made better driver and hey surprise its still shit.
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    Who the fuck names their variables REAL78295926495?

    Sick fucks, that's who.
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    It's funny how everyone writes shittytec wrong.
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