Is that a message describing windows altogether, or just the copying routines... Can't figure that one out.

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    With that error I would expect the hard drive to explode or something like that.
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    Windows Cache might be full.

    Check the Temp folder usage.
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    Do you even Linux bro ?
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    Not had that one yet !

    Maybe its new..
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    Nice blueberries ( ∘ ) ( ° )
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    I would check the health of the hard drive.
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    Maybe this one:


    Catastrophic Failure Error is likely to be visible when you make an attempt to copy a file larger than 4GB to a partition with FAT32 file system.


    Or this one:


    If the target drive is write-protected, the copy process will not complete and the system will throw Catastrophic Failure Error.


    Mentioned here, but no answers..


    Maybe one of those gives us a clue or two.
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    @Nanos the first throws Unsupported Format or some shit like that, the second, Drive Too Full. Catastrophic Error is usually a healthy combination of kernel, driver and device issues, hence *catastrophic.* (At least, every time i've seen it, anyways.) First steps are to reboot, check power supply stability under load, and run sfc /scannow
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