Any summer project ideas to step-up my programming skills? I'm bored but also not very creative when it comes to projects.

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    A lot of new projects today involve cloud stuff, docker, or kubernetes in some form or another. I find it pretty valuable when there's someone new on the team and they are able to say they tried it a little as opposed to never having used it.
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    Try to write an emulator.
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    Head to devpost, pick a Hackathon. Pick one with a participation prize of a t shirt or similar for a bonus.
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    Find an open source project to contribute and get involved in.
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    Highly depends on your level and what do you want to work/improve on, give us more information about what you're aiming for :). Still take the comments above tho
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    @Lyniven Sorry for late answer I'm not here that often :D. Basically I've just finished first year of university so I have some experience in C and web development + javascript. I was thinking of doing something with node, basically learning it by making some interesting project :D.
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    @rasukto doesn't help me that much, dunno, like create a web server using C.
    Make a mini CMS with node/express and PostgreSQL + mongo for the search ? Can be as complex as you want depending on your level
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