I guess I can also amend in my long, ongoing, storied history of bad calls, failed projections and stellar forecasting that:

- I invested an embarrassing amount of time, money and hope learning Adobe AIR
- I've sent-away for the https://inventhelp.com patent registration kit at least twice
- I've publicly declared that OAuth would never last
- I actually thought Microsoft was onto something with J++
- I bought a bunch of shares of World Wrestling Federation stock the day it went public
- I've stated on my movie podcast that I'll defend until my last breath my argument that Godfather III may be the best film in the series

Can I pick 'em, or what? ;)
Part 1 of my bad calls: https://devrant.com/rants/2786266/...

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    Another one to add to the list...

    *Being a Sooners fan lulz
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    @ScribeOfGoD Actually, I'm a Michigan guy and I root for Miami. My coworker gifted me the sweet shirt - and a cool shirt's a cool shirt. :)
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    Well if you feel bad about your fuckups just remember others buy penis weights and work with java.
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    This should be a weekly topic. I have my share of bad calls too.
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    @AlmondSauce Let's make it a thing! I've got TONS. Self-deprecation is always funnier than narcissism. LOL.
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    You should become a fonds manager
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    Web dev, wearables, recommender systems, computer vision, video production, data science, snarks, snipes, Guam, and tiktok will be dead within 5 years.
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    @electrineer Not likely, but interesting forecast. And if they do, it'll be like every other platform I've used in my career...always changing. That's the fun of it.
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    @molaram you just made me choke with my own coffee, damn me i am still trying to laugh
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    To be honest man, I thought Microsoft was on to something with J++ as well. You ask me? they should have instead adopted more in the lines of Pascal as a target language by their platform instead of letting it run to the ground through Borland and right now having horrible prices with how Delphi Embarcadero handles it.

    Also, Visual FoxPro was the shit and so was VB6 ,to a point, they could have instead decided to make the language better instead of fighting for it to be part of their .NET ecosystem which right now pretty much has it in the ground as well.

    VBScript had potential, but yup, they forgot about it instead of adding more capabilities to the language, it could have been an honest competitor to PHP.

    Glad I only invested in PHP though :P but to this day my highest payed job has been dealing with an old Delphi codebase AND a VBScript through Classic ASP codebase. Never again tho.....well....maybe....I like money.
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    @AleCx04 Agree about FoxPro...good for the time. And when I got in bed with ASP.NET during the beta days around '02, I moved from VBScript to VB.NET, but then over to C# fully.

    TBH, the syntax for using delegates in VB.NET always confused me.
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