My company that I work for now is making me work on my personal laptop for the past 4 months! Like wth! It’s work from home y’all, and you gotta work 24/7 but on your own laptops! A thing came up for a new project, and my laptop doesn’t have enough space for it, they were like, delete your stuff, make space! Wtf! It’s called a personal laptop for a reason!

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    Delete stuff from the project
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    What the hell even?
    Is no one considering the obvious security issues with using personal devices for work?
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    If they expect you to work from home and you are not under contract to provide your own computer its their responsibility, at least as far as I know.

    It might be different if employee laws are weak but in Sweden you have to specify in the contract what the employee is supposed to bring them self.

    Yes corona has cased some problems like ergonomic work place.

    But if they expect you to use your personal private computer that you payed for they have to have that in contract.

    Of cause as I said, local law might make it difficult to stand your ground, especially if they could just sack you and hire someone else with less spine but thats an area I have no experience with.
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    @LotsOfCaffeine if they expect people to supply the working computer without compensation I imagine security is to far out in the periphery to even register :/
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    Which field are you working in? Nobody concerned abozt security, backups, etc.? Man, that must be hard... Best of Luck!
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    Tell them to provide hardware. Hard drive, laptop, etc.
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    @Rubenberger I am a security consultant 😄
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    @electrineer lol. I am a security consultant. The stuff that I have with me is a lot!
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    Well you're obviously not doing your job well then
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    @navneethkrishna oh lord... that`s too bad.
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    How is this even legal? If they don't give you the tools to work, don't work (and still be paid) until they provide the tools you need.

    In my companies in Germany, the IT departments are always fast to provide one with fixes or a even a new laptop because otherwise I had paid leisure time.
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    @k0pernikus here if I don’t work, I am out. It’s like that...
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    @navneethkrishna And why is that a bad thing? Find something better. That company behavior is such a huge red flag I can't even comprehend that such a company would exist.
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    @k0pernikus thanks for the support. I am on the lookout for a better employer. Also the pay is mediocre. I am looking for a better job with a better culture. Apart from this, I also have good experience in machine learning. Mostly I will switch roles in the future from security to ML.
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    Just report them to your biggest client. It’s a security violation (Without even talking about the fact that PERSONA Laptop is personal !)
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