css frameworks are a sign your ui/ux team is an empty bag of chips.

vuetify examples look like toys in their docs and work that way in prod. if you put any two vuetify components together on a page you basically dont have a website anymore. mx px are indicators that your styling abstraction is so bad that adding 8 resize shims to every single node on the dom is the correct solution to your visual spacing dilemma.

css offers so many powerful tools out of the box now, and it takes like a week to actually learn them. instead, we cloak all the functionality and expressiveness of modern css in black-box m a t e r i a l d e s i g n and pretend like obtuse blobs are a viable substitute for coherent, accessible, user-friendly ux.

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    Always joked about using the VanillaJS framework back then. Now that jquery is finally dead, we can continue joking about using VanillaCSS...
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    Good thing we don't have a UI/UI person at my current place or they might take offense ;)
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    Can you do a ripple™ right under your cursor on click with just CSS? I bet no.
    But I agree with the spacing and px bullshit, it's somewhat quirky in Vuetify when you put two components in yet unknown composite, and pixels spacing is a jerk.
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    I mean i get you. But you at some point youll work on a front ending site that is going to be seen by less then a hundred people who only know an old version of excel. Its a waist of effort not to use any library like vuetify, since no one will care how amazing it looks. It just needs to work.
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    @24th-Dragon this!
    Same situation on my place. I develop widgets for enterprise PLM and there was no viable framework integrated.
    Experiments repeatedly show that nobody grasps your ultimate design patterns, people just wanna get this over with and go home. We simply give shortcuts to let them do their work efficiently. Vuetify helps a lot to comply with MD considerations and to give feature-rich interface to third party.
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    you want to learn the real nitty gritty of ui design go design UIs for games. I do that sometimes
    Take screenshots, edit out or crop what UI is there then do my own take on it. Will teach you a lot. Try to think about your interactions too while doing it.

    Also material design is ugly as shit. Second only to metro.
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