Need Advice!

The Situation (cut a lot to keep it short...):

Made a Website for a Job-Agency (~7 non tek Employees) in Germany. Website is up and live a year already and runs really well. Over 1000 Applications came in (the DB), which is a lot.
Everybody is happy, I got constant approval every post launch meeting ever since...

Now: Realized, and I checked!....none of the applications ever reached the company!
And nobody ever complained.

I have full access to all mail accounts of that company, so I really know that they were never processed...

So what to do now?
Problem was a typo. So it's an easy fix.

-> Fix it, say nothing?
They will for sure wonder about the many new applications..

-> Fix it and tell?
It was my fault, so they will be for sure pissed

-> Sell this somehow?

-> don't fix, see how crazy it can get?
Will they ever realize?

any thoughts?

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    No choice:

    Grab your go bag with your alternative identity and get while you still can.

    Don't look back.
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    Is it the system doesn't work, or they never had any intention of processing those apps in the first place?
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    to clarify, it's about job applications. People can apply for various jobs on that page. Fill a form, data gets send per mail to the office email.
    That email had a typo, so emails with the applicant info were never delivered....
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    @SortOfTested really don't know, they for sure want applicants...
    I can imagine, that the employees were thinking as well "Hmm why no applicants?", but realized nobody else is asking and thought, "fuck it! less applicants, less work, I get the same salary...."

    So, maybe, if I fix, I could potentially drop a bomb on someone...
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    There are some applicants that are no longer interested in the job that they applied for or the job is no longer vacant.
    I would make sure to get rid of them before sending the rest along to HR.
    If they question you about the sudden spike, you have two options: confess and properly apologize; Convinc them you thought that it was a recent slip up you missed and that you thought nothing of it at first and then properly apologize.
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    Blame it on the email provider dropping messages as spam, charge them to add DKIM, SPF and switch to a transactional email service (but hook it up via SMTP). Gonna chalk you up under "owes me beer".
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    How did the website ever go live without testing an applicants full workflow even one single time?!
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    Don't ever lie or (more political correct) hide information which might be bad TM.

    You can sugar coat it...
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    I call bullshit on the whole thing
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