Rant #1:
Why everyone and their toy cars gotta be jumping on the bed when I’m trying to sleep?

Rant #2:
For months now, I get bleary eyed and tired every time I look at work. Focusing and being productive is almost impossible. I’m cheery and alert, then sit down, open my editor, and find I can’t focus. Moments later I feel like I need a nap.

Rant #3:
I get interrupted an average of every 3-5 minutes, basically every day, all day long. The more this happens, the more tired and angry I become. I often have to resort to yelling, throwing toys that appear on my desk/keyboard, and blasting loud music I don’t want to hear through noise canceling headphones.


Is it any wonder I can’t focus or think or do anything but feel like I’m falling asleep? Is it any wonder I’m perpetually angry and frustrated?

I can sort of fix the interruptions by locking myself away in my monster’s room. But I’m still so tired and bleary and can’t focus. I don’t know what to do, or even what I can do. Vacation didn’t help. Another would doubtlessly be just as effective, and certainly wouldn’t improve my boss’s view of my performance.


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    Sounds like you're getting burned out. Are you looking for other opportunities?
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    @RiderExMachina No. there’s nothing wrong with this one other than that it’s a little boring. Game dev industry to finance.

    The problem isn’t the job.
    It’s the lack of peace and quiet. And honestly, everything sucks here and it’s only getting worse. Clutter, noise, things breaking, the house falling apart, outside drama, politics, etc. etc. etc.

    Maybe moving will help.
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    @Root Well I hope you're able to find some way to keep your sanity until something comes along.
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    Someone pass the coke pls
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    Intelligent people are tend to burn out more easily.
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    I know exactly the feeling when you look at code, yawn, tear up, and nothing is getting done. Maybe it is just stress and not having enough sleep. Maybe you are in need of a vacation. I sertainly was.
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    @Root sounds like you need a one 2-3 weeks outtime with no kids...
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    Feel your pain on this one. Also have limited time I can actually work as my husband is also working from home.

    Do you ever get the place completely to yourself? I find that even when I’m not being distracted by the kids, I can hear them and I’m waiting for it. Them actually not being here helps, although it doesn’t happen very often.

    We’re planning on moving soon and one thing I want is a space that’s mine - preferably a separate office in the garden, away from the house.

    You’re not alone on this one, it’s tough!
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    I agree with the prognosis of burnout. I relate. And getting ripped out of focus is quite painful, especially repeatedly so. It's almost like there's a physical consequence and it takes a toll on your brain. As far as addressing burnout, I find putting more time into a personal hobby helps me a lot. "This too, shall pass".
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    @UnicornPoo No, never. There is nowhere calm and quiet in the house. Even when I lock myself in my 4yo’s room, I can still hear all the commotion and yelling — and grandpa is on the other side of the wall blaring the news, and I am so so sick of politics. It’s also 100*F+ / 40*C+ every day here, so going outside isn’t really an option. Also, the parks are closed.

    I feel a bit like I’m in prison, except that I have a nice bed and can order food.

    This pandemic is not good for my mental health. Nor is being locked up with children who are also going crazy.
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    @duckWit If only I had the time or energy for a hobby. I barely even have time for sleep.

    Also, you’re absolutely right with burnout.
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    @Root insufficient sleep really causes human.exe to have weird, uncontrollable, unpredictable behavior
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    @Root I go to the park anyway.

    Fuck anyone who disagrees.

    My grandfather went on a ventilator, he died. My grandmother refused and shes perfectly fine. Not a coincidence. Anyone that has a problem with my opinion is a basic bitch that likes to swallow everything they're told.

    Spank your child, take a walk, go somewhere and do something on the weekend.

    All you got to fear is fear itself.
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    @Wisecrack Still too hot.
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    @Root bring an umbrella and wear a bikini.
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    Hey @root i was at your place. Look around, is it for real the actual noise which gets you offguard?

    For me it was an actual unability to understand the codebase and the industry while the management pushed me with tasks which were close to impossible (technical tasks to reforge a legacy project into top-notch tech stack) and some tasks which were 5 minutes walk (easiest possible, but overall weeks of 70-100hrs are normal for me when a hard task is assigned).
    You definetly getting burned out, for me the best cure was 2 months of actually getting out from the job/industry itself, during those 2 months the best reliever was the actual 1 week vacation in another country, seeing other cultures, socializing, drinking mochitas on a beach :)
    Would hardly suggest get the out of the loop as it will become worse overtime, get vacations and get out from it, get a buddy and go wild vacation. Anyway, good luck and be strong going through all the bs life and management gives!
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