It’s been almost 2 years since I left US. But damn, is America now so bitterly partisan? No matter what you say or do, half the country hates you.

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    Well when blue states are allowing their cities to be burned to the ground...
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    @Demolishun And companies firing their employees for saying anything non-leftist so that the guy from the screenshot wouldn't last anyway.
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    I upvote you’re rant because I like your username, that said is stupid to put what political party you support on LinkedIn
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    @elgringo Maybe, maybe not. If they are in demand maybe it helps their sort filter. But yeah, prob a target of sjws.
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    I think a real patriot would never use React. It's communist and they even support black lives matter.
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    Politics aside: I know of one company considering remote pay rates based on the average in your location. Another option was a flat percentage above that average. I'd kind of like to live in the woods. Not for political reasons. But if you made San Francisco dev salary in some of those places you'd be king. That's an insensitive for companies to hire rural devs. For better or worse.
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    I had to google what a "red state" is... Doesn't mean a lot to me anyway since I'm not into politics :) Esp. abroad
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    What kind of self-obsessed snowflake can't handle keeping their opinions to themselves 8 hour a day. Someone get this kid a Confederate blanket and a safe space.
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    @SortOfTested I kind of agree. But I think most people want to feel welcome where they work. When I was younger I worked construction in Montana and hated having to bite my tongue and put up with ignorant pricks all day. I could see certain office cultures feeling oppressive on the other spectrum. Now that politics seems to be tied to everything.
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    I understand, but can't really sympathize. I never really have time or inclination to get into politics at work, and it's been my experience that those who do are feeling themselves way too much.
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    @SortOfTested Yeah, if you go as far as putting it on your LinkedIn then you're probably that sort :p
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    @SortOfTested Disagree. If it's 100% remote, he would be OK, so it's not at work that he would have issues. It's that he doesn't want to physically move to and live in a "blue" state.

    Also given that he's involved in Christian stuff, you can be pretty sure what his opinion on abortion and homosexuality is, and that alone would put at least his property at danger in a "blue" state.
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    Ah, so your take is he's just a piece of shit human being who can't handle people not being just like him. I'll buy that.
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    The Christian persecution complex really is next level.
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    @SortOfTested The leftist mob also. Maybe you've seen that the situation is out of control in parts of the US. I wouldn't want to move to such places either.
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    I live in the center of the lefty land he's so afraid of. I'm an avowed centrist and independent, and don't really have any issues. I voted for our shitty governor, because the republican options were a joke. I've never voted in my own interest, because that person doesn't exist. I appealed the Amazon tax, and consistently vote against the socialist Indian lady. Which usually means voting for gay dude who actually lives here.

    We still have plenty of churches and no income tax. I still own an appreciable amount of firearms.

    The thing is, if someone is doing something I don't care for, if it's not illegal and doesn't harm anyone else or property, I let them do their thing. People seem to do the same thing for me. I keep my politics to myself and I vote my conscience. My best friends are defense contractors and a gun range owner.

    The people I've see who get laid into, are people who feel the need to insert themselves in other people's lives. Where I come from (a very poor border town in Texas), that was life. It didn't matter what you were or what you were espousing, if you decided you had a right to dictate shit, people would put you in your place, frequently violently. I still miss that, because it doesn't happen anymore, despite what people say. You get in a bar fight, you all get charged.

    Bothell, where he lives, has plenty of good ol boys, red necks, cowboy bars, etc. This guy is just some enormous bearded titty-baby looking to fulfill his persecution complex. He's just sipping the fox news tap and can't seem to get out of his feelings. If you're mainlining some fringe shit, and you're the type of person to walk up to a gay couple and give them a piece of your mind for existing, you deserve what you get.
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    @SortOfTested If he does some sort of Christian activity, this will sooner or later involve saying something about hot topics like homosexuality because it's part and parcel of the religion. Not at work because he's a dev and not a preacher, which is why remote works, but in his free time in the course of faith-related activities.

    And while nobody blinks an eye about Islam's even harsher stance on homosexuality (that's multi-culturalism), something comparable from a Christian goes hot immediately. So he's in a different situation than you.

    It's also been years in the making, like the authorities encouraging the leftist mob through omission. Like when Ben Shapiro's speeches were cancelled because the local government didn't want protect freedom of speech. Broken windows theory all over the place.

    Also, don't feel too safe yourself. The radicals do have a "who isn't with us must be against us" mentality that can well hit you even if you're centre. Centre is right of left.
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    So we're clear, I'm not Muslim

    I don't sympathize with the religious, at all, their shit is ridiculous. No one is kicking down the doors of churches, and I would defend said churches if they were. I won't say anything against them, if they don't overstep their bounds. Freedom of religion was created in the US as a government protection against the establishment of a state religion, and was steeped in the memory of the atrocities of the hundred years war.

    Free speech in the constitution specifically relates to your interaction with the government, it has no bearing on interaction between private citizens and organizations. The government didn't cancel his speeches, private institutions did. Even public universities are considered private in regards to the constitution because the government does not control them.

    I've experienced a LOT of bias over the years(quite a lot of it is documented here), but I'm pretty sure no one is coming for me. Or you for that matter. This isn't a "then they came" situation.
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    > No matter what you say or do,

    > half the country hates you.

    I notice a slight increase in that the last few days online. (Maybe its that passing comet..)

    One group I admin, folk started to get quite nasty to one person who wasn't a 100% follower of product A being amazing.

    I was just replying in the group and mentioning I was witnessing tribalism at play.

    I rarely have to be an active admin in the groups I manage, people generally behave well.

    Not helped by there being lots of smart folk there with abrasive personalities..

    I find it interesting to study how if you say:

    "I drink coffee, not tea."

    "Oh, so you hate have caffeine then do you !"

    No, that is not what they are saying !

    "I use bolts mainly to join things"

    "Oh, so you hate glue then !"

    "Glue hater !"
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    @SortOfTested I also dislike the three Abrahamic religions, and I think the whole Christian zombie plot is particularly disgusting. Though Jews at least don't proselytise, I'll give them that bonus.

    However, I can put myself in the shoes of the guy from the OP, and from the data he's disclosing, not wanting to move to a "blue" state is perfectly reasonable and doesn't necessarily make him an awful person. Though of course he may be exactly that, but the data aren't sufficient for that conclusion.

    Oh, and government doing nothing against a raving mob tearing down free speech is complacy by omission. Freedom of speech is more than the government doing nothing because immediate self-defence not withstanding, the state holds the monopoly of violence, and that's both a right and a duty.
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    I'll reply to this tomorrow. I'm tired and a little sick and can't sleep.

    That said, people need to stop downvoting what you say, you're entitled to an opinion.
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    @SortOfTested "No one is kicking down the doors of churches"

    Ummm, yes they are. The left wants to remove tax exempt status from churches that don't satisfy the woke requirements of the left. This would shut down a huge amount of churches. So yes they are at the door and are ready to take them down. It is just a matter of time before the wrong politician gets into power.
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    I want to remove the tax exempt status of all churches if they don't provide actual charitable work. They're the only charitable orgs that don't have to prove their funds usage.

    Churches haven't always been untaxed, that came in the 1913 tax code revision. Before that, they were required to remain viable by being strong active members of the community.

    The religious lobbies have worked to get the SBA to drop the caveat for federal small business loans that their primary business can't be religious services and indoctrination.

    Donating to westboro Baptist can be deducted from your taxes.

    None of that is OK, it violates the first amendment.
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    @SortOfTested While that is a valid position, it's changing the line of argument by 180° - from "they don't come after churches" to "they do come after churches, but I support that".
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    Problem is, they lump everyone who even dares espouse it into a small , not even particularly vocal minority of nutters who want to burn down the churches and pillory the Christians.

    Most of the people calling for churches to be taxed and treated like normal charities are center-left (Bill Maher, etc)
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