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    Is that a VGA port top left? It is totally throwing me off on how old this board is
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    @jespersh it has USB 3… LGA 1155... Sata 2... PCI X 3.

    As it has an Power on Button I'd guess upper league.

    Not THAT old... Just outdated. :-P
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    what's wrong with sticking it in the dishwasher?
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    depends. theoretically you can wash a mainboard.

    the problem usually stems from the quality of the water...

    distilled water - no problem.

    calcified water - you'll be in trouble.

    dishwasher... not sure if it would work.

    hand. no problem.

    you just need to let it dry very thoroughly.
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    Confused screaming
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    @IntrusionCM if he cant get the water out from underneath all the smd parts next thing you know he'll be ranting about how GB makes shit MBs. and btw some regulators may have some small holes underneath, some say they're for ventilation (?!?!?!) others manufacturing defects...good luck getting the water out of them.
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    Damn I thought this was an aerial view of a city for a few seconds lmao
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    @Stuxnet ya hurricane porn
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    Are you of Iranian descent?
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    Had to do that once, the cat peed on my computer and it smelled awful whenever it warmed up a bit. Worked like a charm and smelled like like lavender afterwards.
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    Is that why mine isnt working, am a fuckin idiot, i put everything together without washing it.

    Will it still work if i wash and then re assemble or should i just buy knew parts
    Freckin hell man
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    @IntrusionCM huh bever knew u could wash a mother board, me is surprised to find out
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    @FranzFerdinand Yes.

    @molaram Let it dry thoroughly, at least 2-3 days. Water can evaporate... And your case isn't a vacuum, either.

    And even if "some" water remains, destilled water has a pretty low conductivity.

    Yes, there is a slight chance of things going wrong TM - like always.
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    Any kind of liquid is dangerous (even distilled pure h2o). It can activate the minerals that are already there and cause deterioration in the paths.
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    Thank god it’s

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