Just discovered Insomnia Designer, I freaking love it and it's git integration. This is exactly what we developers needed for years 🥳

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    wat dat
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    Welcome to the club 🍪

    @molaram api designer, uses Open API, graphQL and Swagger as standards, it ultimately makes life soooo much easier if you build APis for a living.


    Their original offering (now core) was a postman killer in my eyes.
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    I swear by insomnia but have yet to look at designer. I had trouble getting an idea of what it "is" just reading the blurbs so I ignored it. Sounds like I need to check it out.
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    I keep my insomnia config and cache files on my nextcloud, so that, as long as I open on one desktop at a time, all my history and setup persists between hosts and OSes. The biggest complaint I have with it is the fact that proxies are not more flexible, and sometimes it just refuses to work with one.

    Otherwise it's an indispensable part of my workflow.
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    This is... intriguing.
    I am now going to attempt to create an API for literally no reason as I have no fucking hobbies.
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    Stoplight for life.
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    Yeah, it's awesome, but I'm not so much hyped about features of designer itself - having another OpenAPI editor and possibility to design APIs inside of Insomnia is great, but I more love that now we're able to sync actual requests/folders/env to git and share them that way - something that was previously only reserved for payed cloud sync (postman charges this 15€/user/month, insomnia 5€)
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    just checked it out looks awesome
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    TIL thank you.
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    I've never quite understood this type of thing. It feels like keeping tests in a disparate responsibility from their endpoints. Part of my code generates swagger/openapi from what is (so it's always accurate), and then I just have a test suite that tests the resulting endpoints in the codes test suite.
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