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    Also him:

    "A Software Engineer with industry experience building web application used by millions of people. Specializing in JavaScript technologies and AWS. Professional experience working with Node.Js, AWS and Drone."
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    ..because you don't see obvious, bigass things?
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    @M1sf3t we’re calling them “Themholes”
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    Yay, I can vouch for that shit
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    @uyouthe it sounds more disgusting this way. I like it.
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    Js keeps on surprising me 🥳
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    When it comes to JS, sometimes I wonder whether a language behaviour is a bug or a feature.
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    It’s not fucking hard guys 😂😂

    ## frontend
    - browser lib
    - basically, window and navigator
    - ES5 mainly (ES6 on chrome)

    ## backend
    - nodejs lib
    - process, http lib, file system lib
    - can be ES5, ES6, ES7, ES8 or ES9

    ## description
    Basically, nodejs is a wrapper for a C library and has an different environment to the browser. So it depends where your script is ran; Like most languages. Also there’s several different versions and several different compilers. It’s all preference.

    ## conclusion
    Join the TS master race where the TS compiler can output fucking everything with any env
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    I don't think anyone is interested in another JS Rant after the one that happened yesterday
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    @theabbie This rant makes way more sense than the one yesterday 😉
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    @AlmondSauce Any Rant about hating JS is senseless, You haven't used JS and still want to hate it.
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    @theabbie I've used it extensively.
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    @AlmondSauce Okay then, It's merely personal taste, If someone likes it then they should use it.
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    @theabbie back for more eh?
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    @uyouthe Not interested in people's opinions anymore, I will learn new languages anyways, But My prediction will be true, JS ain't going nowhere
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    @theabbie I dislike it strongly. But often (in the real world at least) business & corporate requirements beyond your paygrade mean that you have to use a language, framework, technology etc. that's far from your favourite.
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    @AlmondSauce I completely agree that it is nowhere near other popular languages and that it only exists because of web development. Considering it's history and it's rate of growth, We should expect improvement rather than boycotting it. It's a Flaw and it may get better.
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